Read Disclaimer First: This is an unofficial best estimate on both NBN technology and estimated speeds to act only as a guide and overview of the network/tech only. There is no affiliation with NBNCo, and is only an enthusiast site trying to bring visibility to what's being deployed. Your actual tech/speeds will vary. Click on a premises dot (zoom in) to get more detail per premises. Yellow Premises (FTTN) do NOT currently have an estimated speed. This is a work in progress and technology on the map will change.

Always visit the official NBN website at for their latest information per address including build/rfs timeframes. Feel free to request NBNCo to provide this information officially

Status 11/02: Updates to this site are definately halted. I'll try and keep it archived up for time being but no effort being invested for now. Additional NBN Map resources can be found here


  • If FTTN technology has no estimate (yellow), it is due to the Telstra Pillar not being located. This is required as FTTN speed estimate is based on estimated length of the copper cable from the Premises > Pillar > Node

  • Thanks for help from

  • denmark555: Pillars & Nodes for Orange, Blue Mountains
  • Dazed and Confused: Pillars & Nodes for Woy Woy, Wagstaff & others on Central Coast
  • Jxeeno: Great reference at Finder NBN Tracker
  • Babstar: Nodes in Mittagong, Moss Vale & surrounds