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FTTN Speed Range

The below data was used as the baseline for delivering FTTN estimates on a distance basis, last updated in 2017 utilising crowd sourced data at . It has not been updated to reflect post co-existence phase, and it can't take into consideration every possible variance of performance over distance.


I don't update any more FTTN due to the legacy work involved, but some RSP's do provide the estimated FTTN DL/UL as part of their address checkers (NBNCo have all this information stored in their DB but don't make it available to the public....)

The following resources are GIS Datasets. Please don't download unless you have a basic understanding of how to utilise the data.

MyBroadband Dataset

The myBroadband Survey dataset was developed by the Australian Department of Communications and Arts in 2014, originally published at mybroadband.communications.gov.au under Creative Common License 3.0. It was later published at data.gov.au under Creative Common License 3.0. In addition it was published on National Map also under Creative Common License 3.0.

The dataset is available for download at the below link under terms of CC 3.0 Non-Commercial. The data has been converted into GeoJSON format to ensure the original dataset remains intact without modification such as truncating names or field text

MyBroadband Dataset

This distribution complies with Creative Common License 3.0 Non-Commercial Agreement. By downloading this dataset you agree to comply with the license agreement which can be found below
  • CC 3.0 Summary

  • CC 3.0 License

    NBN Technology Dataset

    The NBN Technology dataset is created from the public available information from the NBN Rollout Map. I would recommend that you always direct any users of this dataset to the https://nbnco.com.au as the single source of truth.

    The dataset is stored in MapInfo format to maintain size and retain table standards

    2020-Feb NBN Boundaries Dataset

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